Spider Plant

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Chlorophtytum Spider, commonly known as the Spider Plant is an impressive indoor plant and perfect for beginners. It grows rosettes of slender, gently arching leaves that can be green or striped green and white
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  • Spider Plants are among the most popular houseplants that thrive in warm and humid conditions. They also sometimes bear small, star-shaped flowers and after the flowers fall off tiny plantlets replace them which can then be propagated to create new potted plants.
  • Spiders flourish in light shade. Ideal place for them to be kept is around a bright shade window or patio door that gets indirect sunlight.
  • Usually being non-fussy, these plants can grow in any variety of soil but they love lose, loamy one that would flourish the leaves. It is very important to water the Spider Plants sensibly for their growth. Also, it is not favorable to keep the Spider Plants in cold temperatures (like under the AC) else they would begin to turn brown. Spring and summer seasons are ideal for Spider Plants to be mildly fertilised as well.

Common Problems

Q1. Why is my Spider plant too sparse?
Spider is an easy to grow plant but if it begins to suddenly struggle after months of being a healthy plant, it likely needs more room for its roots.

Q2. Why are the tips of Spider Plant leaves burned?
Brown tips can occur if a Spider Plant is getting too much direct sunlight. Always keep your plant in indirect light or shady conditions.

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