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This dynamic duo brings effortless style and good vibes to any space. The resilient Snake Plant, known for its air-purifying qualities, thrives in almost any light condition. Its sleek, upright leaves add a touch of modern elegance, while the cheerful Golden Money Plant, with its cascading tendrils and bright green coin-shaped leaves, symbolizes prosperity and positive energy.

Snake Plant: Known for its architectural form and air-purifying abilities, it thrives on neglect and tolerates low light. Perfect for busy plant parents.

Golden Money Plant: A symbol of prosperity and good fortune, it boasts cascading tendrils of vibrant green leaves. Easy to care for and fast-growing, it adds a touch of luck to any space.

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Product Includes:
  • Decorative pebbles
  • Self-watering, ergonomic pot
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  • Special soil mix
  • Plantable seeds paper and care card


The Snake Plant: A beautiful succulent, Sansevieria or Haiti from the family of Snake Plant with short, rippled leaves that make it for an attractive indoor plant. Snake plants grow wonderfully in small pots and low light conditions.

The Golden Money Plant
: Golden Money Plant, a symbol of affluence, thrives with golden charm. Lush foliage symbolises prosperity, elevating spaces with radiant ambiance.

Common Problems

Q1. What is a common problem with Snake Plant?
Overwatering is a challenge. Ensure the soil dries between watering to maintain the sleek elegance of Snake Plant.

Q2. Why are the leaves of my snake plant haiti changing colour and drooping?
Snake plant haiti might experience fungal problems, such as southern blight and red leaf spot.

Q3. How do I get to know if my plant is being overwatered?
If the plant is sagging, it means that the roots are rotting and overwatering can be the main reason behind this.

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