Black Zamia ZZ

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The Black ZZ Plant is a popular indoor choice, cherished by plant lovers for its dark glossy foliage. This pet-friendly perennial can endure weeks without water, thriving in low light conditions making it a beloved indoor plant.
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Product Includes:
  • Decorative pebbles
  • Self-watering, ergonomic pot
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Special soil mix
  • Plantable seeds paper and care card


  • Embrace modern greenery with the Black Zamia Zz. Its glossy, dark green leaves and distinctive architectural structure make it a stylish companion for contemporary spaces. 
  • Prospering in low to bright, indirect light, this plant effortlessly blends sophistication with minimalism. 

Common Problems

Q1: How do I revive my Black Zamia Zz if the leaves are drooping?
Rectify drooping with adjusted watering habits; drooping may signal the need for more consistent watering for the Black Zamia Zz.

Q2: What causes the leaves of my Black Zamia Zz to turn yellow?
Investigate light levels; yellowing may be indicative of insufficient light exposure for the Black Zamia Zz.

Q3: How can I prevent my Black Zamia Zz from getting too leggy?
Sustain a compact appearance through regular pruning; this encourages a more aesthetically pleasing form for the Black

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