Greener Invites, Happier Moments

At The Urban Greens, we believe in celebrations that not only bring joy to your life but also contribute to a permanent imprint in several hearts. Say goodbye to traditional paper invitations and embrace the charm of personalized plant invitations that not only invite your loved ones to the event but also grow into a lasting memory.

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Replacing Papermade wedding cards with Plant Invites

Try Our Green Invitations!

Printed Pots

Your celebration is unique, and so should be your invitation.
Our green plant invitations not only carry your event details
But also offer a symbolic gesture of lasting memories
with customized printing on the plant’s pot.

Customized Tags

Customized Tags Whether it's a wedding, a birthday,
or a baby shower, our customized tags add that extra layer
of personalization to your thoughtful green invites.
It's the small details that make your event truly memorable.

Decorative Gifting Bags

We prioritize not only the environmental impact of our
invitations but also the entire journey they take to reach you
and your guests. That’s why your green plant invitations
will be delivered in decorative gifting packaging,
ready to be sent to your guests.

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