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Syngonium are a pretty versatile variety of plants with white and green variegations on the leaves. Its attractive arrowhead vines spread like creepers, adorning the walls beautifully. They make great centerpieces or hanging plants. The leaves of Syngonium keep changing colours depending on the level of light they receive.

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  • Syngoniums are tolerant to low light and can grow virtually anywhere in your space. However, they maintain their vibrant colour and markings when exposed to medium to bright indirect sunlight. They are prone to get burnt if kept in direct, scorching sun. Syngoniums require moderate water and stay happy if the soil just remains moist. Over watering can kill the plant.
  • The plant does not like winter months too much and would prefer to be kept indoors in a warm area. It requires humidity to thrive.
  • Syngoniums should be fertilized during the growing season with a well-balanced liquid fertilizer just once a month. The plant should be re-potted once every two years since the roots can outgrow the pots, stalling its growth further.

Common Problems

Q1. Why are the leaves of my Syngonium burning?
Direct sunlight can burn Syngonium's foliage, resulting in bleached leaves. It can also stall growth and hence it is important to keep them in indirect, yet brightly lit areas.

Q2. What causes brown spots on Syngonium leaves?
Leaf spots are caused by the fungus Myrothecium roridum. To prevent this condition, stop fertilizing the plant immediately as you see the spots. Instead, use a good quality fungicide and keep the Syngonium watered.

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