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A beautiful succulent, Senseveria or Haiti from the family of Snake Plant with short, rippled leaves that make it for an attractive indoor plant. Snake Plant Haiti grows wonderfully in small pots and low light conditions.

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Product Includes:
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  • Special soil mix
  • Plantable seeds paper and care card


  • Haiti has been described as indestructible, hardy and can tolerate extreme neglect, also referred to as “dorm room plants”. It is an attractive plant that helps filter indoor air. This quality makes it an ideal plant for bedroom décor, since it can help regulate healthy airflow. This NASA-certified air purifier is also known for its ability to help remove toxic air pollutants.
  • Snake Plant Haiti does not have stems but just thick, upright leaves. Because there are no branches, its slender profile makes it an ideal floor plant for small spaces. There are also dwarf varieties that form small rosettes of leaves.
    It is extremely drought-tolerant, but make sure to use a well-drained potting mix that doesn’t hold a lot of water. Ideally, Haiti likes to be in bright but indirect sunlight to thrive. Haiti can be propagated at any time of the year, easily with just leaf cuttings. A little general purpose fertilizer can be used just twice a year if the plants are in a pot, and that’s about it.

Common Problems

Q1. Why are the leaves of my Snake Plant Haiti changing colour and drooping?
Snake plants might experience fungal problems, such as southern blight and red leaf spot.

Q2. Why is the plant not growing?
Due to overwatering, the roots stop growing. It is advised to cut the roots and re-pot the plant.

Q3. How do I get to know if my plant is being overwatered?
If the plant is sagging, it means that the roots are rotting and overwatering can be the main reason behind this.

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