Positive Vibes Combo

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Positivity, Greenery, and Sweet Celebrations

Spread positivity, harmony, and sweet celebrations into the New Year with our Positive Vibes Combo. This super exclusive package includes a Snake Plant Hahnii, Golden Money Plant, and an FR Chocolate Box (8 pcs), comes along with self-watering pots, New Year tags & crystally pebbles . It’s a duo of positivity and joy to light up your new beginnings in a brand new year.

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Product Includes:
  • Snake Plant Hahnii + Golden Money Plant
  • Printed Self-watering Pot
  • Small Celebration Box
  • New Year Tag
  • Beautiful Decorative Pebbles
  • Premium quality, Mineral-rich Soil
  • Plantable seed paper & care card

At TUG, we firmly believe that we do not inherit the earth From our ancestors, but borrow it from our children.

Let’s pass it on cleaner, better, and greener.