Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) Plant

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Peace Lily is one of the most popular indoor plants as they are very easy to care for. They not only brighten up a living space, but also help clean the air around. They bloom commonly with white flowers which actually is a specialized leaf that grows hooded on the plant.
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  • Like many other indoor plants, Peace Lilies, also known as Cobra Plant for the shape of its flowers, enjoy medium to low light, and the type of light would depend on what the plant would look like. Peace Lilies that are placed in brighter light tend to produce more white flowers, while those in low light will be just another foliage plant.
  • Apart from sprucing up the home décor, Peace Lilies help promote restful sleep. It also helps filter the indoor air, increasing the levels of humidity, helping one breathe better.
  • It is also very important to be balanced while watering the Peace Lilies. The pretty plant is more tolerant of under-watering than over-watering. They should be checked for dry soil before being watered. The plants also do not need frequent fertilizing. Only once-a-year mild fertilizing during the spring season would be enough for the plant to stay healthy. However, Peace Lilies should be re-potted frequently

Common Problems

Q1. Why does my Peace Lily droop?
Peace Lily is very sensitive to overwatering and hence may droop. It is a drought-resistant plant and so once a week watering is enough.

Q2. Why are the leaves of my Peace Lily turning brown?
Leaves turn brown because of plenty of reasons that include absence of sufficient humidity and over fertilization. Always keep the plant in temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit for it to flourish.

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