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This stunning variety of Money Plant has the most beautiful looking variegations on the shiny, metallic, heart-shaped leaves. Loved by plant enthusiasts across the world, Money Plant (Metallic) is an easy-to-grow; all weather plant that not just enhances the beauty of a space but also works as a perfect air purifier indoors
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Product Includes:
  • Decorative pebbles
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  • Special soil mix
  • Plantable seeds paper and care card


  • Also known as the Marble Money Plant, this climber has variegated leaves with spots that attract the plant lovers instantly.
  • Metallic Money Plant can be fed any organic fertiliser just once in winters and two to three times in summers, especially when the re-potting is done. Cow dung manure can do wonders for its growth.
  • Like its other varieties, Metallic Money Plant requires bright, yet indirect sunlight to flourish. Harsh sunlight can damage the leaves, to the extent of burning them. Low to medium light can also form beautiful variegations on the leaves. Metallic Money Plant can be easily propagated through stem cuttings. Simply place the cuttings around a root node in water or plant directly in the soil ensuring that the node is inside the growing medium.

Common Problems

Q1. Why are the leaves of my Money Plant (Metallic) wilting?
Overwatering and poor drainage can lead to change in the colour of leaves. Just water the plant once a week and use a well-drained pot else the plant will die

Q2. Why is the leaf growth scanty?
Money plant (Metallic) thrives in bright, yet indirect sunlight. Hence, it is very important to maintain that. Keeping the plant in direct sun can hamper the leaf growth.

Q3. Why are the Money Plant (Metallic) leaves turning yellow?
Overwatering and poor drainage of the pot can turn the leaves of the plant yellow. It is important to adjust to the watering schedule and use a well-drained pot to avoid the situation.

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