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  • Peace Lily bloom commonly with white flowers which actually is a specialized leaf that grows hooded on the plant.
  • Zz is one of the most easy-going plants that can tolerate drought and low light conditions. Zz plant grows slowly to a maximum height and width of just two to three feet.
  • A beautiful succulent, Senseveria or Haiti from the family of Snake Plant with short, rippled leaves that make it for an attractive.
  • Areca spear shaped, curvy leaves give tropical feels and lush foliage makes it look like a large bush that can reach 20 feet in height.



Product Includes: - Decorative pebbles - Self-watering, ergonomic pot - Eco-friendly packaging - Special soil mix - Plantable seeds paper and care card

Like many other indoor plants, Peace Lilies, also known as Cobra Plant for the shape of its flowers, enjoy medium to low light, and the type of light would depend on what the plant would look like.

Zz is an easy to propagate plant that can be grown outdoors in summer or throughout the year in warmer climates.

Snake Plant Haiti does not have stems but just thick, upright leaves. Because there are no branches, its slender profile makes it an ideal floor plant for small spaces.

Areca being a very popular plant is also low on maintenance. During hot, summer months, Areca needs to be kept hydrated.

Common Problems

Why does my Peace Lily droop?

Peace Lily is very sensitive to overwatering and hence may droop. It is a drought-resistant plant and so once a week watering is enough.

Why is my Zz plant dying?

It is important that Zz is planted in well-draining potting soil. Make sure the pot has a drainage hole as well. Otherwise, if too much water is holding the plant, it may eventually die.

Why is the plant not growing?

Due to overwatering, the roots stop growing. It is advised to cut the roots and re-pot the plant.

Why is my Areca Palm wilting?

Even though the Palm doesn’t need too much water, wilting is surely the sign of under watering. Make sure to keep it hydrated, especially during the summer months.

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