Golden Money Plant

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Money Plant (Golden) is one of the most popular plants people love to keep. Known for its beautiful leaves, the plant is considered lucky bringing in health, wealth, prosperity and happiness. It thrives even on neglect and can be easily styled to give your home a great look.
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  • Being a no fuss plant, Pothos can instantly brighten up a place. It can climb up walls, be placed in hanging pots and even propagated in glass bottles with water. Pothos can be fed any organic fertilizer just once in winters and two to three times in summers, especially when repotting is done. Usually, repotting should be done when your Money Plant begins to thrive otherwise the growth of roots will stall.
  • Pothos require bright, yet indirect sunlight to flourish. Harsh sunlight can damage the leaves, to the extent of burning them. Low to medium light can also form beautiful variegations on the leaves.
  • Pothos is one of the easiest plants to be propagated through stem cuttings. One simply needs to cut the stems from the nodes and ensure that the plant is either directly planted in soil or water.

Common Problems

Q1. Why are the leaves of my Money Plant Golden wilting? Overwatering and poor drainage can lead to change in the colour of leaves. Just water the plant once a week and use a well-drained pot else the plant will die.

Q2. Why is the leaf growth scanty?
The Money Plant thrives in bright, yet indirect sunlight. Hence, it is very important to maintain that. Keeping the plant in direct sun can hamper the leaf growth.

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