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Syngonium are a pretty versatile variety of plants with white and green variegations on the leaves. Its attractive arrowhead vines spread like creepers, adorning the walls beautifully. They make great centerpieces or hanging plants. 

Areca is an attractive, clumping palm that can enhance any indoor space.  Its spear shaped, curvy leaves give tropical feels and lush foliage makes it look like a large bush that can reach 20 feet in height.

Jade is a popular succulent known for its fleshy, oval shaped leaves and thick, woody stems that resemble tiny tree trunks. 


Product Includes: - Decorative pebbles - Self-watering, ergonomic pot - Eco-friendly packaging - Special soil mix - Plantable seeds paper and care card

Syngoniums should be fertilized during the growing season with a well-balanced liquid fertilizer just once a month. The plant should be re-potted once every two years since the roots can outgrow the pots, stalling its growth further.

Areca being a very popular plant is also low on maintenance. During hot, summer months, Areca needs to be kept hydrated. Always keep the plant near an airy window where it receives bright, yet diffused sunlight.

Jade are very easy to maintain but are susceptible to too much moisture. As with all other succulents, Jade does not take over watering lightly. So, it is important to check the soil which has to be completely before adding water. For proper care, fertilize the Jade plant once in every six months. Use a balanced, soluble fertilizer that can reach the roots easily.

Common Problems

Why are the leaves of my Syngonium burning?

Direct sunlight can burn Syngonium's foliage, resulting in bleached leaves. It can also stall growth and hence it is important to keep them in indirect, yet brightly lit areas.

Why is my Areca Palm wilting?

Even though the Palm doesn’t need too much water, wilting is surely the sign of under watering. Make sure to keep it hydrated, especially during the summer months.

Why is my Jade plant experiencing loss of leaves?

Combined with underdeveloped leaves and leggy growth, this may be a sign of inadequate lighting. Move your plant to a place with better lighting. If necessary, supply it with artificial light.

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