Aglaonema and Areca Plam Plants

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Red Aglaonema is a vibrant and colourful patterned plant that is perfectly suited for home and office décor. Because of their tolerance for both moist and dry conditions, The Chinese Evergreen makes best indoor plants for first-time plant parents and forgetful plant owners.

Areca is an attractive, clumping palm that can enhance any indoor space. It is among the favourite plants in many households as it is an air purifier and very easy to take care of. Its spear shaped, curvy leaves give tropical feels and lush foliage makes it look like a large bush that can reach 20 feet in height.

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  • Red Aglaonema can survive in low humidity environment but will thrive when the levels are higher. It is important to mist its leaves, especially during dry winter months. Water the plant only when the top 50 per cent of the soil is dry. You can fertilize Aglaonema at least once during the summers and once in the spring season and the plant is good to go. Always make sure to keep it in moderate temperatures and water abundantly. The species loves fresh air and indirect sunlight and better its conditions the more beautiful it looks.
  • Areca being a very popular plant is also low on maintenance. During hot, summer months, Areca needs to be kept hydrated. Always keep the plant near an airy window where it receives bright, yet diffused sunlight. Even though Areca can tolerate harsh sun, make sure to expose it only for a few hours else the leaves would start burning. When placed indoors, it should be kept away from direct air conditioners or heaters. Sudden cold or heat bursts can cause dark spots on the leaves. The areca palm is also a heavy feeder and requires fertilizing from spring to early autumn with a liquid fertilizer.

Common Problems

Q1. Why do the tips of the leaves of my Red Aglaonema dry out and burn?
Too much watering and fertilizer can cause this condition and hence it is very important to be balanced with the plant.

Q2. Why is my Red Aglaonema rotting?
Root, stem, and leaf rot are often caused by too much or too little water in the soil. Fungus and other problems start to form, shredding through all parts of the plant. Once rot sets in, it can be very difficult to save the plant. You’ll have to add fertilizer and possibly even remove all of the soil surrounding the plant.

Q3. Why do the tip of the leaves of Areca burn?
If the tips of Areca Palm have begun to burn, the main reason could be over or under watering of the plant. Make sure the soil is aerated and draining well and not holding water.

Q4. Why is my Areca Palm wilting?
Even though the Palm doesn’t need too much water, wilting is surely the sign of under watering. Make sure to keep it hydrated, especially during the summer months.

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